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My name's Tara. I'm a cis girl, melancholic-tempered Fandroid, INFP, Scorpio, and Earth Snake. I like stories and I try to write them.

Often NSFW and sometimes triggering things are posted untagged.

Oh and food

Food is another excellent reason to transfer to Bryn Mawr. From what I’ve read, the food is really fucking good. Hell, even if I don’t eat there, at least in Bryn Mawr the town, I know where I can get good food.

York is not like that. I can’t leave the campus for good food unless I feel like taking a taxi or bus, and the school food is not really fucking good most of the time. Sometimes it’s good. This usually depends on what time you get there and what day it is. The brownies are usually very good, and back when I ate meat, I found the cheeseburgers okay.

Still, there’s a reason we call the cafeterias Scurve I (the one on main campus, and it’s also just called Scurve) and Scurve II (the newer one on west campus, and I find it the worse of the two). There’re little cafes around the campuses too, but I never really eat there because they’re expensive.

So yeah. Food.

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